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熟成年数 Years
蒸留年 2007
カスク Refill Armagnac Barrel / Gascon Black Oak
地域 Bas Armagnac - Baco
ボトリング本数 430
アルコール度数 51.9%

タイトル: Muscovado meringue / マスコバドメレンゲ


We found a bouquet of deep, sweet aromas on the neat nose with prunes, dried apricots, tobacco, golden caster sugar, glacé cherries and chocolate truffles. On the palate, muscovado and cinnamon meringues with a praline cream and a whipped marsala sabayon and fresh strawberries, while in the finish a rose and black pepper dark chocolate bar. Following careful reduction, an earthy, mushroom scent next to sweet cherries and fresh blackberries combined with spiced herbs and smooth tannins reminded one panellist of a dornfelder sweet red wine. To taste, syrupy sweet with a spicy edge to it and a rich texture with flavours of toasty caramel, honey and bramble jam.

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