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熟成年数 21 Years
蒸留年 2000
カスク Refill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 Jamaica
ボトリング本数 172
アルコール度数 54.7%

タイトル: Still crazy after all these years / 何年経ってもクレイジーだ


An abundance, or even better an explosion, of esters centring mainly on strawberries either dowsed in vinegar or petrol with further aromas being marker pens, pear drops and peppermint oil, crazy! Absolutely huge neat like downing a woo-woo cocktail, made with cherry and peach flavoured vodka, lime juice, strawberry puree, cranberry juice and garnished with cherry laces. Add in mulled cider mince pies, rum stewed rhubarb and you’ve got the picture. Water and time can tame it somewhat, if that’s what you want, with sweeter notes of wagon wheel biscuits and pineapple wine being joined on the palate by peanut butter, teak oil and firelighters.

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