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スパイシー&ドライ/ SPICY & DRY


熟成年数 15 Years
蒸留年 2006
カスク 1st Fill Hogshead / American Oak PX
地域 Speyside
ボトリング本数 231
アルコール度数 58.1%

タイトル: Kissing a cricket ball (for luck) / クリケットボールにキスをする(幸運を祈る)

13年間 ex-bourbon woodで熟成させた後、first fill American oak PX hogsheadに移し替え。

Thirteen years in ex-bourbon wood preceded final maturation in a first fill American oak PX hogshead. On the nose we got prunes, figs and raisins (Eccles cakes), toffee apples, jammy dodgers and cherry clafoutis – then faint inklings of soft leather handbags and pipe tobacco. The neat palate was smooth and deeply satisfying, with sherry trifle, brown sugar, plum jam and gentle spices. The finish combined oaked rioja, sloe berries, valerian root, clove and kissing a cricket ball (for luck). Water added coconut, roasted chestnut and salted caramel fudge to the nose, while on the palate were fig jam, redcurrant jelly and balsamic glaze.

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