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Age 9 Years
Dist 2013
Cask Refill Barrel / Bourbon Ex-Islay
Region Jamaica
Out-turn 181
Alc 67.1%

TITLE: Rumbustious / 賑やかで陽気

5年間x-bourbon barrelで熟成した後、20年間熟成に使用した、CODE:29蒸溜所の樽に移し替え。

Initially plenty of fruity aromas, bananas and pineapples complemented by a vanilla sweetness and hint of macadamia nuts. There was smoke lingering in the background, growing in time. It reminded one panellist of a friend as he unrolled his well-used leather pipe and tobacco pouch. To taste, boisterous and unruly, heavily ashy and peppered, smoked jerk chicken and biltong. After reduction the scent was that of ash rolled watermelon, varnished fences, or indeed varnished pineapple cubes, while to taste there was sweetness and smoke in perfect harmony, with fruity mild ancho chillies in the finish. Following five years in an ex-bourbon barrel, we transferred this whisky into a refill barrel that previously held 20-year-old whisky from distillery 29.

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