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甘い、フルーティー & メロー / SWEET, FRUITY & MELLOW


熟成年数 10 Years
蒸留年 09 / 2007
カスク 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 Speyside
ボトリング本数 201
アルコール度数 62.5%

タイトル: Enlivens the taste buds / 惹きつけられる味わい


This sample had our panellists smiling and smacking their gums contentedly – the nose went from candied fruits (orange and lemon slices), vanilla and foamy bananas to dusty wood (sawn pine, old cabinets) and tobacco. Adding water brought sugar-glazed yum-yums, custard Danish, lemon curd and red berry and hibiscus tea. The palate was a beautiful integration of sweetness and teasing tartness, with some herbal elements – mango chutney, dried pineapple, rhubarb rock, sharp toffee, gooseberry, curry leaf, blood orange and apricot jam – really interesting, intriguing and complex, enlivening the taste buds and giving satisfaction – definitely moreish.

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