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ピート / PEATED


熟成年数 7 Years
蒸留年 2013
カスク 2nd fill hogshead / Oloroso
地域 Islay
ボトリング本数 295
アルコール度数 60.7%

タイトル: Smoked blue spirulina smoothie / スモークブルースピルリナスムージー

4年間ex-bourbon hogsheadで熟成した後、 second fill oloroso hogsheadに移し替え。

Burnt raisins, treacle tarts and smoked olive oil were the more straightforward descriptors before we had a ‘smoky blue spirulina smoothie’ and a malted loaf toasted ‘to hell and back’. The palate had plenty for the smoke lover; smoked duck carnitas with rich plums and pickles as a canape followed by scallops dusted with smoked paprika and then quickly seared in butter and bacon drippings. After adding water, hot ash and tar before some got a slightly dirty oily petrolic smoke while others threw slices of pineapple on a barbeque before we all enjoyed crispy maple bacon pancakes. After four years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we transferred this whisky into a second fill oloroso hogshead.

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