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甘い、フルーティー & メロー / SWEET, FRUITY & MELLOW

NEW 70.40

2020.10.23 発売
発売日 2020.10.23
熟成年数 30 Years
蒸留年 1989
カスク Refill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 Highland
ボトリング本数 174
アルコール度数 50.2%

タイトル: Eloquent silence / 感銘を受ける静けさ


Like a soft, sweet and sensual kiss – our bodies were flooded with oxytocin – the brain’s happy chemical! On the palate neat initially, as expected, well-mannered but this was soon followed by a surprisingly youthful liveliness, like an old wizard who still has that glint in his eye. With a small amount of water, it appeared to undergo a miraculous rejuvenation, reminding us of Riesling wine grown from old vines in a bumper year with those intense aromas of lemon and layers of minerals. The palate was complex and balanced with candied fruits, gingerbread and in the sneaky finish a delightful citrus freshness.

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