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NEW 137.6

¥14,500(Excl. Tax)
Release Date 2020.8.7
Age 8 Years
Dist 2011
Cask 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region England
Out-turn 230
Alc 66.0

TITLE: The garden shed of England / イギリスのガーデンハウス

[ノーズ]非常に無駄がなくスモーキーでさわやかな香り。熱を帯びた人工プラスチック、焼いたベーコン、くすぶっている庭の焚火、マッチ箱と古い道具箱など。微かな羊毛、塩漬け肉、ソルト&ペッパー味のポテトチップス、イギリスのウイスキーには珍しいハギスパコラ! 引き締まったピート香、ピュアでパワフルさに加えビロードの手袋のニュアンスも。加水すると塩水につけたレモン、防腐剤、消毒した病院の廊下。シトラスと塩分の完璧な切れの良さ。

A very lean, smoky and crisp nose at first. Things like hot bakelite, bacon fries, smouldering garden bonfires, match boxes and old tool boxes. Hints of sheep wool, cured meats, salt and pepper crisps and - unusually for an English whisky - Haggis pakora! The peat is sinewy, pure and powerful but arrives in a velvet glove. Water unveils preserved lemons in brine, antiseptic and disinfected hospital corridors. The sharpness of citrus and salinity tango perfectly. The mouth is restrained at first - simmering almost. But then bursts open with a white hot blade of peat, buckets of smouldering leaves, ashes, soot and peppered mackerel. A big mix of tar, brine and hessian. With water there's now hints of iodine, brake fluid, WD40 and marmite spread generously on brown toast.

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