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¥13,889(Excl. Tax)
Age 13 Years
Dist 01 / 2005
Cask Refill Hogshead / Bourbon
Region Islands
Out-turn 249
Alc 56.5%

TITLE: A bothy on the burnt moor / 野焼き小屋

The nose has complex layers – maple syrup sweetness to start, shifting into dried fruits (figs, dates, raisins) – then smoke from heather moor-burn, which drifts eventually over the harbour. The palate has beautifully sweet smoke, suggesting maple candies and gingerbread with a hint of clove – lip-smacking and eminently drinkable at full strength. The reduced nose evokes brandy snaps dipped in dark chocolate being passed around in a bothy with a wood-burning stove. The palate also sweetens – dark chocolate with ginger pieces, violet creams and pan-toasted tea-leaves – it’s not often that smoky drams are smooth, but this one is – smooth, urbane and balanced.

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