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Age 5 Years
Dist 2015
Cask New oak barrel / NEW CHARRED BARRED
Region Arkansas
Out-turn 183
Alc 59.7%

TITLE: Shooting pool next to the barbecue / バーベキューの横にある射撃場


The nose mixed toffee apples, vanilla cream on pumpkin pie, maple-pecan and cinnamon Danish pastries with cowboy boots, coconut husk, potpourri, wood fire embers and ‘bourbon creams smashed on a new oak floor’. The palate was sweet and woody – pecan pie, dandelion and burdock, caramelized pear with clove, vanilla wafers, biting a pool cue and a razor strop while holding maple candies in both cheeks. The reduced nose became more aromatic – jasmine tea, honeysuckle and orange muscat; plus, shoe-shine stands, liquorice, molasses and plastic beach balls. The palate was lightly medicinal (honey menthol Tunes), with Jolly Ranchers, brown sugar, butterscotch and gingerbread. The mashbill was 82% Arkansas corn, 9% Arkansas wheat & 9% malted barley.

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