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若々しく & 軽快 / YOUNG & SPRITELY


熟成年数 7 Years
蒸留年 2012
カスク 1st Fill Hogshead / Bourbon
地域 Highland
ボトリング本数 235
アルコール度数 63.9%

タイトル: New York vs Cincinnati / ニューヨークvsシンシナティ


Our panellists headed off in different directions – one smelled granola with honey and apricot yogurt, key lime pie and New York cheesecake and tasted toffee, butterscotch, Battenberg cake and vanilla ice-cream. A second identified aromas of Wotsits and Frazzles, balsamic-drizzled, bacon-wrapped dates, hay in a barn loft and a washing line – the taste for her was oak and leather (tack room memories), molasses, brown sugar, cinnamon and Cincinnati chilli. The third sniffed lemon zest, superglue, soot and char but tasted bubble gum, bananas, bitter citrus, camphor and wood dust. A curious, complex chimera capable of contrary commentary – what will you find?

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