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スパイシー & 甘い / SPICY & SWEET NEW

77.68 <フレーバープロファイルビールセット>

発売日 2021.6.25
熟成年数 12 Years
蒸留年 2008
カスク 2nd Fill Barrique / Charred Red Wine
地域 Highland
ボトリング本数 253
アルコール度数 60.3%

タイトル: Curtain-twitcher's teatime / 覗き魔のティータイム


10年間bourbon hogsheadで熟成した後、 second fill charred red wine barriqueへ移し替え。

Initial impressions were of bags of chocolate oranges, red grapes, malt loaf, unsmoked bacon rolls with brown sauce and things like balsamic reduction and dark cherry liqueur. A real muddled punch of a dram. Reduction enhanced the fruitiness bringing blackcurrant, stodgy strawberry jam, some creamy mascarpone on a scone, ginger nut biscuits and Turkish delight. The palate started with warming spices, sweet chocolate gingers, cinnamon swirl pastries and then birch sap, Black Jack chews and star anise. Dilution gave us more orange notes, almond cake slices, sticky toffee pudding, After Eight mints and some creamy tannins. Matured for ten years in a bourbon hogshead before being transferred to a second fill charred red wine barrique.

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