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スパイシー & 甘い / SPICY & SWEET


熟成年数 13 Years
蒸留年 2007
カスク 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 Speyside
ボトリング本数 198
アルコール度数 59.9%

タイトル: Fresh frolicking fun / 新しい陽気で楽しい集まり


A fruity sweetness was nicely balanced by a hint of spice as the aroma reminded us of apples and basil, pears with cinnamon and nutmeg spiced custard as well as black pepper on melon. A clean freshness on the palate like a handful of fruity (strawberry, orange and lemon) chewy mints, with a floral aspect of shiny yellow buttercups and marigold. After reduction we lit a myrrh and fresh pine needle scented candle, while to taste - a creamy jam roly-poly with plenty of custard and a lemony pond pudding appeared – tangy slices of lemon in rich butterscotch sauce and served with double cream.

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