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ジューシー、オーク & ヴァニラ / JUICY, OAK & VANILLA


熟成年数 16 Years
蒸留年 2003
カスク 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 Speyside
ボトリング本数 211
アルコール度数 56.6%

タイトル: Brings a sheen to the glass / グラスに光沢をもたらす


One panellist made full use of the pick ‘n’ mix sweet counter filling his bag with fizzy apple snakes, cherry lips, foamy bananas and fried eggs and while he was at it, let’s have a vanilla custard slice to round it all off. On the palate we had a watermelon smoothie, finger limes, shortbread and a refreshing frozen berry and coconut cheesecake. Water added an earthy vibe, like walking through a botanical garden or a fruit market on Madeira as we sat down for a break and popped open a bottle of slightly sparkling, frizzante, Lambrusco wine; fruity flavours paired with an elegant acidity.

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