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ピート / PEATED


熟成年数 7 Years
蒸留年 2010
カスク 2nd Fill Hogshead / Heavy toast medium char
地域 Islay
ボトリング本数 296
アルコール度数 60.9%

タイトル: Preparation for skinny dipping / 裸で泳ぐ準備

ex-bourbon hogsheadで6年間熟成した後に移し替え。

The nose has nutty smoke (roasted chestnuts, toasted coconut), burning leaves, coal embers, tarry ropes, creosoted fence posts and roast parsnips. The intense palate leaves impressions of swirling smoke and burning coal in the mouth; liquorice imps, sage, singed orange peel, brandy snaps, rock pools, coal tar and char; the finish links dry sauna wood and dark chocolate containing sea salt and caramel pieces. The reduced nose is a road worker’s wheelbarrow full of beach pebbles. The palate – totally satisfying, lip-smacking and galvanising – one to prepare you for battle or going skinny dipping! Transferred from an ex-bourbon hogshead after 6 years.

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