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甘い、フルーティー & メロー / SWEET, FRUITY & MELLOW


熟成年数 17 Years
蒸留年 2002
カスク 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 N.Ireland
ボトリング本数 184
アルコール度数 55.2%

タイトル: Smooshed shamrocks and gooseberry gueuze / 滑らかなシャムロックとグーズベリーのベルギービール


We found an extremely elegant and fresh nose full of sunflower seeds, trail mix, turmeric, sooty chimneys, caramel wafers, tamarind, white asparagus, hawthorne and chopped parsley. There was even a lightly saline edge of capers and salted peanuts. Some sour cherries, unsweetened whipped cream and gooseberry fool kept the acidity lively and pronounced. With water we got watermelon sweets, white chocolate, hessian, wild strawberries, rising dough and granny smith apples. The mouth was sweeter than the nose suggested. Fruit chutneys, candy floss, pink wafer biscuits, sweetened cereals and yellow herbal liqueurs. With reduction we noted lychee, sweet pear cordial, pineapple sorbet, coconut cream and mango yoghurt. A generous and easy fruitiness.

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