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甘い、フルーティー & メロー / SWEET, FRUITY & MELLOW


熟成年数 19 Years
蒸留年 2001
カスク 2nd Fill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 N.Ireland
ボトリング本数 175
アルコール度数 54.6%

タイトル: A spring in your step / 元気な足取り


A fragrant and floral aroma greeted us; citrus oil, rose water, cherry blossom, dogwood blooms and sweet tangerines – like ‘having a spring in your step’. Plenty of zing neat with peppered pineapple cubes and liquorice Catherine wheels (long laces of liquorice coiled around a coloured jelly button). Water added on the nose lemon trees and, on a sun baked patio, scented magnolia shrubs in full bloom while on the palate now a lovely texture, sweet and creamy reminding us all of mango syrup, lemon and prosecco syllabub, coconut ice cream as well as honeysuckle and Meyer lemon panna cotta.

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