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Age 17 Years
Dist 2004
Cask 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Speyside
Out-turn 187
Alc 60.5%

TITLE: Tuscan tales / トスカーナの物語


An array of aromas came to mind; prosciutto melon balls, pistachio paste, wasabi, quince jelly, candied apples and wine gums while always lurking in the background - a grapey, musty, oaky and earthy sweetness. On the palate we enjoyed a ginger spiced pear cider with one panellist being reminded of a pumpkin spice white Russian cocktail. After adding water, we were transported to Geppetto’s workshop in a Tuscan village where he carved Pinocchio and to our surprise, he mixed us a real Harvey Wallbanger cocktail. Mixing orange juice, vodka and Galliano sweet herbal liqueur garnished with a cherry - a fruity, sweet and herbal concoction that is totally refreshing.

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