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オイリー&コースタル / OILY & COASTAL


熟成年数 11 Years
蒸留年 2010
カスク 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 Islands
ボトリング本数 235
アルコール度数 62.7%

タイトル: A furtive peaty peck on deck / 甲板でこっそりピーティーなキス

同じ蒸溜所の厳選した7年熟成の樽を合わせ、各種異なる樽へ移し替え追熟。これはその樽のうちの一つ。Bourbon hogsheadを1st fill barrelで熟成したもの。

A green and refreshing initial nose that included samphire frying in salty butter, wet fabrics, citrus washing powders, bath and mineral salts, beach pebbles and nourishing heather ales. A more gentle expression of this famous Orcadian make, but no less evocative of its origins. Water brought limestone, wax jackets, fresh breads and aromatic herbs. The palate was crisp with heather smoke, lime juice, smoke olive oil and delicate threads of peat smoke. Water added a more medicinal aspect along with more beers, heather, sea greens, coastal herbs and gentle tarry and saline notes. At 7 years of age we combined selected casks from this distillery. We then returned that single malt into a variety of different casks to develop further - this is one of those casks. Originally from bourbon hogsheads, married in this 1st fill barrel.

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