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スパイシー & 甘い / SPICY & SWEET


熟成年数 10 Years
蒸留年 2010
カスク 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 Highland
ボトリング本数 205
アルコール度数 57.9%

タイトル: Cockle-warming Mogwai / 心が温かくなるモグワイ


The nose starts with honeysuckle and honey, syrup sponge, Maltesers and bourbon biscuits; then woodier notes appear – sawdust, cinnamon, toasted coconut and tree bark. The neat palate is unexpectedly feisty – a desultory slap of vanilla and chocolate; then ginger, oak, leather and cigarette butt heat warm the cockles. Tame and cute again on the reduced nose – biscuit tin assortment, chocolate Revels, fresh cut flowers and grass, rhubarb rock and jam donuts. The reduced palate still has intense ginger, quince and oak tannins but it recovers some of its sweet party ring and Swiss roll cuteness – a Mogwai of a dram.

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