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¥7,500(Excl. Tax)
Age 8 Years
Dist 2009
Cask 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Speyside
Out-turn 174
Alc 60.4%

TITLE: Whatever floats your boat? / あなたの船に浮かんでいるものは何?


A sweet fruity aroma of ripe apples or grapes was soon followed by a warm apricot-cranberry sauce, as well as quince and rosewater jelly. Lively, sparkly and fizzy neat with plenty of freshly grated ginger spice, balanced by the sweetness of a Belgium dark chocolate almond praline. When we added a little water, the scent was more like pieces of cherry soaked in Kirsch whilst on the palate it had turned into a completely different experience. Now thick and creamy like vanilla custard sauce and strawberry blancmange, and in the finish a ‘brioche à tête’ with a rosewater glaze and a sprinkling of crispy freeze-dried raspberries.

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