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Age 10 Years
Dist 2010
Cask 2nd Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Highland
Out-turn 240
Alc 60.2%

TITLE: Waxing lyrical / 叙情的なワックスがけ


A real beauty - waxed lemons, white chocolate, fudge sundae, spearmint, ripe red apples, honey, hints of virgin olive oil, salty sea spray and a wisp of smoke. Viscous, oily and fresh on the palate with toasted wood, polished oak, oranges and kiwis and in the finish, one of the classic cocktails, the epitome of a summer drink - a Daiquiri. After the addition of water - freshly sliced lemons, sunflower oil, yoghurt-coated raisins and plenty of wax; beeswax, paraffin wax, palm wax and coconut wax. The taste was like a stress relieving, deep inhalation of fresh mountain air filled with lavender, heather and Scots pine.

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