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発売日 2018.9.7
熟成年数 Vintage Years
蒸留年 Vintage
カスク Cognac Barrel / Cognac
地域 Cognac Grande Champagne
ボトリング本数 515
アルコール度数 42.6%

タイトル: Blood orange sorbet / ブラッドオレンジシャーベット


Immediately inviting, the nose promised to treat us well. Vanilla studded whipped cream, jammy figs, chalky marshmallows and fragrant potpourri. One imagined ripe mangos nestled in a pile of new tennis balls! On the palate, a luxurious velvety texture greeted us, moving to deep notes of brown sugary coffee cups and strawberry sauce over clotted cream ice cream. A little drop of aqua emphasised the fruity notes in the form of blood orange sorbet, custard creams and maybe lavender shortbread. There was a refined “polished antique” note in there too. Very gentle in the mouth, with the chalky sweetness of Edinburgh rock, some orange blossom finishing on an oaty gingery slice of parkin cake.

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