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発売日 2018.8.10
熟成年数 XO Years
蒸留年 XO
カスク Cognac Barrel / Cognac
地域 Cognac
ボトリング本数 554
アルコール度数 60.9%

タイトル: Strolling throught bliss / 至福の散歩


Strolling past a lady’s new oak dressing table in a glorious summertime garden, the air carried sweet scents of delicate perfume on a silk scarf with a cloud of dusty talcum powder that blended with the floral bouquet from the beds of carnations, geraniums and pink roses. Wild flowers gave way to rosemary and lots of fresh mint surrounded by coconut matting, juniper berries and angelica. There was a wicker basket containing fresh carrots, still clad in dry earth that sat beneath an apple tree. Opening a pack of praline chocolates we sat beneath a tree of black cherries to shelter from the hot sun.



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