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熟成年数 13 Years
蒸留年 07 / 2004
カスク 2nd fill Barrique / FR Fine M+
地域 Guyana
ボトリング本数 250
アルコール度数 63.4%

タイトル: Pleasing, stimulating & teasing / 楽しいおしゃべりで盛り上がる

コフィー式蒸留器で蒸留され、12年間ex-boubon barrelで熟成した後2nd fill French oak barriqueに移し替え。

The colour reminded one Panellist of the song “Brown Eyed Girl” which set the scene for the rest of the assessment. A lovely sweet tastefully perfumed aroma combined with ginger spice and some charred oak. Dark and brooding on the palate like a flaming plum sticky toffee pudding - how we enjoyed that! After a drop of water, dark chocolate cinnamon walnuts, cinder toffee and candied ginger whilst to taste sweet and smooth - this is ‘all I need to please me, stimulate and tease me!’ From the last fully working example of a wooden coffee still in the world matured for twelve years in an ex-bourbon barrel before being transferred into a 2nd fill French oak barrique.

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