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Release Date 2019.6.25
Age 7 Years
Dist 2010
Cask 1st fill barrels & refill hogsheads / Bourbon
Region Blended Malt
Out-turn 2172
Alc 50%

TITLE: Peat faerie / ピートフェアリー


The nose enticed with vanilla, pineapple and white chocolate, while a sweet dustiness reminded one panellist of chalk board dusters. We found a distinct maritime edge, smoked salted butter and old fashioned straw pressed cider. The peat smoke lead on the palate accompanied by salty peanut brittle, caramelised red apples and watermelon jelly. A splash of water brought toasted (borderline smoky) coconut, while soft minty notes gave way to lightly smoked white fish. The palate was slightly drying at first with a building sweet intensity. Flakes of sea salt were lightly sprinkled onto tropical fruit making for a sweet and savoury crescendo fitting of this regional marriage.

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