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Age 25 Years
Dist 12/1991
Cask Refill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Trinidad
Out-turn 228
Alc 63.4%

TITLE: Carnival concerto in E minor / カーニバル協奏曲ホ短調


Vegetarians beware as this is a meaty rum that packs a punch like a butcher’s wooden hammer. As you’re being hit on the palate like pianist bashing out a concerto, the woody notes linger long after that first sip. But once it has been opened by touch of water the wood & spicy peppers, make way for strawberries and cream, soft buttered wood shavings, dried raisins, fruit & nuts with a hint of dried vanilla pods. It was like someone playing dark Trinidadian carnival music in my mouth, in E minor of course.

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