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熟成感 & 濃厚 / OLD & DIGNIFIED


熟成年数 31 Years
蒸留年 1986
カスク 2nd Fill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 Lowland
ボトリング本数 155
アルコール度数 50.6%

タイトル: Butterscotch crumpets / バタースコッチクランペット


The aromas portrayed the warm softness of a fluffy pillow filled with marshmallows and sponge cake as we slipped into a dream world of squashy fudge and butterscotch. The antique wood of a bedframe came with a thick layer of wax polish and linseed oil as complex herbal notes incorporated rosemary, basil and thyme. Gentle fruit poured from freshly squeezed apple juice and oranges growing on a tree, beckoning a palate with the velvety texture of vanilla milkshake. Dried apricots and figs smoothly navigated towards apple pie and custard, whilst cinnamon butter melted on warm crumpets. Seasoned wood returned to frame the finish, joined by layers of hazelnuts and chocolate.

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