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熟成年数 1989 Vintage Years
蒸留年 1990
カスク Refill Armagnac Barrel / Gascon Black Oak
地域 Bas Armagnac - Ugni Blanc
ボトリング本数 616
アルコール度数 60.4%

タイトル: Le mouton, le cerf et le noir bitume / 羊と鹿と黒いアスファルト


A glorious aroma, riddled with classic aged Armagnac characteristics in beautiful harmony. Corinthian raisins, hessian, old style rancio, pipe tobacco, apricot jam, and fig chutney. Everything in its place and perfectly balanced. With water we got orange cocktail bitters, aniseed, red liquorice, strawberry wine, and old leather books. The palate was initially surprisingly rich and spicy with dark grained breads, rye spice, wormwood, long aged balsamic and menthol pipe tobaccos. Reduction brought blood orange marmalade, mint jelly, Darjeeling tea, toasted fennel seed and wood spices like cinnamon and clove. A long, lingering and wonderfully complex finish followed on...

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