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熟成年数 XO Years
蒸留年 XO
カスク Cognac Barrel / Cognac
地域 Cognac
ボトリング本数 1565
アルコール度数 42.5%

タイトル: A trifle delightful / 小さな楽しみ


A cascade of rich liquid sunset poured from the bottle and clung to the glass with viscous tears of joy. The nose was the very essence of jubilation, a unity of fruit, flowers and boozy things. Apple crumble with a sprinkling of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger welcomed the viscidity of orange skin and truffle oil with a tart tang of physalis. Musk perfume created a depth that underpinned lavender, jasmine tea and clary sage with a layer of soft putty. Sherry trifle brought along a wonderfully heady dimension that swung towards marmalade on the malty sweetness of warm rye bread. Soft leather gloves handled fresh cherry tomatoes and eucalyptus leaves while the finish hugged the soul with a warming massage of pickled ginger and a fresh caress from grapefruit pith and soft tannins.

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