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Age 30 Years
Dist 1990
Cask 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Lowland
Out-turn 152
Alc 58.2%

TITLE: Seductive whispers of oak / 魅惑的なオークの囁き


An old-school malt of slowly emerging complexity and eye-twitching pleasure. The nose combined orange fondant and golden syrup sweetness with seductive whispers of oak (vanilla, sweetie tobacco and orange crates). On the palate, that whisper became a Carmina Burana chorus of church pews, leather, tobacco strands and spiced rum, cinnamon flambéed bananas, Grand Marnier, Sercial Madeira wine, spun sugar and toffee. The reduced nose was golden sunshine on late summer meadows; walnut toffee, barley sugars, jellybeans, chocolate ice-cream and champagne Bellini. The palate now – teasing oak, orange peel, sugary espresso dregs, heather honey and anise. A fabulous exotic journey.

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