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NEW 93.104

発売日 2020.1.10
熟成年数 8 Years
蒸留年 2009
カスク 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 Campbeltown
ボトリング本数 242
アルコール度数 58.0%

タイトル: Sweet, smoked Spanish paprika powder / 甘くてスモークしたスペイン産のパプリカパウダー


We imagined sitting at a freshly polished wooden table, a lit scented (pine and lemongrass) beeswax candle as the centre piece and preparing grilled scallops in a white wine sauce. To taste a slightly burnt bagel spread with a caramelised pineapple cream cheese seasoned with a pinch of Pimenton Dulce (sweet smoked Spanish paprika powder). With a drop of water the aroma was that of using chalk paint for redecorating wooden bay window frames facing the sea whilst we chewed on salty liquorice, bonfire toffee, rich dark chocolate with a peppermint cream fondant centre and salvia bonbons filled with fresh sage extract.

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