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若々しく & 軽快 / YOUNG & SPRITELY


熟成年数 12 Years
蒸留年 2006
カスク Refill Hogshead / Bourbon
地域 Speyside
ボトリング本数 281
アルコール度数 56.0%

タイトル: Exhilarating rush of clarity / 清涼な爽快さ


The colour was that of a pale Portuguese Vinho Verde and the bouquet had plenty of vibrant perfumed fruits, lemon balm and spearmint. With time coconut macarons and onions caramelising in a searing hot pan appeared. This was followed by an explosion of flavours, sweet, juicy and tart like strawberry jalapeno salsa with coriander, red onions and a big hit of lime zest. Water added cinnamon tea with orange and ginger served with Chai spiced biscuits on the nose whilst to taste like a simmering sweet creamy curry gave us a sudden, exhilarating rush of clarity.

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