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Age 9 Years
Dist 2011
Cask 2nd Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Highland
Out-turn 213
Alc 62.4%

TITLE: A mixologist’s work station / ミクソロジストのワークステーション


The nose, we agreed, had plenty of fruit (banana candies, Maraschino cherries, plums, pears, raspberry jam and white grapes), some dairy notes (buttered bread, whipped cream) and some mint (humbugs, mint choc chip ice-cream) – less unanimously, some of us also found brown sugar, bubblegum, vanilla sponge and sanded oak. The palate delivered sweet fruit liqueurs, cherry, raspberry, grenadine and mint – we imagined a mixologist’s work station; then we identified some pastry and biscuity notes (Empire biscuits) and oaked Chardonnay. The palate also had impressive, mouth-flooding heat (more a comforting warmth in reduction) – with flavours of chilli, gingerbread, Fisherman’s Friends, cumin and mace.

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