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Age 10 Years
Dist 2011
Cask 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Speyside
Out-turn 57.9%
Alc 57.9%

TITLE: A cheerful soul / 陽気な魂


A cheerful mix of aromas like lemon sherbet sweets, cedar and pine scented candles, runny honey and buttermilk scones with lemon curd made us smile. The taste was that of a vanilla bourbon lemonade combining the creamy, slightly floral flavours of fresh vanilla beans with oaky bourbon and a tart lemonade. Adding water, it was just perfect for kicking back and relaxing with friends on a warm summer’s evening on the new wooden deck patio with slices of lime mascarpone cheesecake, peppermint tea and for the wee hours later a sea buckthorn daiquiri blending rum, lime juice, sugar syrup and sea buckthorn jam garnished with a rosemary sprig.

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