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ディープ、リッチ&ドライフルーツ / DEEP, RICH & DRIED FRUITS


熟成年数 15 Years
蒸留年 2007
カスク 1st Fill Hogshead / American Oak PX
地域 Highland
ボトリング本数 249
アルコール度数 56.3%

タイトル: Quercus stavius / ミズナラ

11年間ex-bourbon woodで熟成した後、first fill American oak PX hogsheadに移し替え。

The nose was a rich bounty of toffee apples, cinnamon buns, pecan pie and cherry marzipan cake, before a flamenco vibe of polished boots on wine-splashed floorboards. The palate had stave-chomping woodiness, liquorice, nicotine tar, chilli and clove at the outset, but eventually produced cherry gateau, honey and crème anglaise sweetness. With water, florentines, walnuts, church incense and leather jackets appeared on the nose, while the palate found dark toffee, pears poached in red wine, sultanas, and rum and cola, with a hefty thwack of wood to finish. After 11 years in ex-bourbon wood, we introduced this to a first fill American oak PX hogshead.

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