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ピート / PEATED


熟成年数 11 Years
蒸留年 2012
カスク Refill Hogshead / Bourbon
地域 Islay
ボトリング本数 246
アルコール度数 60.2%

タイトル: Piscator’s lunch / 漁師のランチ


You name it, we got it: bonfire on the beach, tarry ropes, smoked lobster tails, ash-covered camembert, honey, nail varnish remover and a hint of eucalyptus and sweet lemon. The taste was sweet, salty and smoky, like olives on salty crackers, Black Forest ham, thyme-smoked mussels with samphire, fino sherry and chilli, as well as salty liquorice. Following reduction, we found salty cured bacon, smoky salt and vinegar crisps, olive brine and stuffed grape leaves with feta. On the palate, salty smoked limes and sweet smoked lavender combined with a delightful briny pickled goodness as we imagined what a ploughman’s lunch might look like for a piscator.

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