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Special Price
Age 31 Years
Dist 1991
Cask 1st fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Islay
Out-turn 240
Alc 56.9%

TITLE: “The stuff that dreams are made of” / 「夢でめぐり逢い」

27年間sherry buttで熟成した後、first fill ex-bourbon barrelに移し替え。

Like opening a hamper of succulent smoked shellfish, this is “the stuff that dreams are made of”, with a lot more smoke on the palate neat than expected from the nose. We found bananas smoked in cedar wood with chocolate and pistachios next to palm trees in flames and, in the finish, medicinal ointments. Following reduction, we were seated in the dining room of a historical tea clipper voyaging across the Atlantic, enjoying key lime-smoked mojitos while puffing on cigars. At 27 years of age, we split the content of one sherry butt into two barrels. In addition to this first fill ex-bourbon barrel we also filled an ex-rye barrel to create an intriguing duo of releases.

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