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Age 8 Years
Dist 2012
Cask 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Speyside
Out-turn 221
Alc 59.6%

TITLE: Thick as mince / ミンチのように分厚い


The extremely charming initial nose suggested to us peach fuzz, runny honey, stone fruits, waxed canvass and stem ginger in syrup. A hugely textural and 'thick' nose. Water brought notes of warm soda bread, butter, honey and spearmint. Also lanolin and turmeric adding balance. Still this impression of 'weight' and texture. The neat palate opened with a big hit of pineapple bubble-gum and fruit salad juices. Jackfruit, green pepper, sweet calvados, limoncello and the richness of a dark winter ale. With water it took on a herbal and lightly medicinal edge, with liquorice, dried herbs, menthol tobacco and sweet wines.

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