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Release Date 2021.5.7
Age 13 Years
Dist 2006
Cask Refill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Highland
Out-turn 222
Alc 58.3%

TITLE: Dirty martini / ダーティーマティーニ


Next to the seaside smokehouse and amongst the tarry ropes and old fisherman’s nets was an odd place to sip margaritas whilst snacking on sweet pickled herring, smoked bacon in granary bread roles with brown sauce and oysters with balsamic vinegar. But that’s just the way we rolled. From the smell in the air it seemed they were smoking duck today, perhaps with some sort of marmite glaze. As the margaritas evaporated we looked forward to our pudding of salted caramel ice cream with lime sauce and a spoonful of thick cut marmalade.

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