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熟成年数 12 Years
蒸留年 01 / 2005
カスク Refill Hogshead / Bourbon
地域 Highland Island
ボトリング本数 311
アルコール度数 58%

タイトル: Dreaming to the sounds of the sea / 潮騒の夢


The nose embraced quintessentially coastal qualities with salt dusted rocks draped with dried seaweed and the occasional barnacle. The sea air carried the distant sweet smoke of burning heather and the even more fragrant whiff of dried lavender. Walking across the wet sand we dreamed of fresh seafood platters, laden with shrimps, smoked muscles, pickled cockles, dressed crab and oysters drizzled with lime juice vinaigrette. The palate was simultaneously juicy and mouthcoatingly oily with a creaminess reminiscent of porridge. The salty theme progressed into crispy tempura, seaweed rolls and sushi with wasabi and pickled ginger. Water released a salty tang like liquorice stick with dry herbal notes and sweet floral overtones. The finish was sweet with honey on burnt toast and malted barley.

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