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芳醇、濃厚 & ドライフルーツ / DEEP, RICH & DRIED FRUITS

NEW 37.122

発売日 2020.4.3
熟成年数 16 Years
蒸留年 2002
カスク New oak hogshead / Heavy toast medium char
地域 Speyside
ボトリング本数 210
アルコール度数 57.1%

タイトル: Black Magic / 魔術

ex-bourbon hogsheadで13年熟成させた後、heavy toasted medium charred new oak hogsheadに移し替え。

Aromas of caramelised sugar and a hot cocoa drink with nougat whilst the taste neat had the intensity of dark and spicy pumpkin pie as well as chunky fig, apricot and prune cake. With a drop of water we were making damson jam as well as a dark fruit loaf, cinder toffee and roasted honey-glazed carrots. On the palate very different, at first plenty of ash and tobacco was soon followed by the zingy, sweet-tart finish of molasses-cinnamon syrup on pancakes. After thirteen years in an ex-bourbon hogshead we transferred this whisky into a heavy toasted medium charred new oak hogshead.

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