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スパイシー & ドライ / SPICY & DRY


熟成年数 11 Years
蒸留年 03 / 2007
カスク 1st fill butt / Oloroso
地域 speyside
ボトリング本数 521
アルコール度数 58.9%

タイトル: A well-perfumed wee brute / 素敵な香りの小さな動物


A garden scented perfume noted the panel at first. Followed by jasmine tea, beef stock cubes, bay leaf and a good quality VSOP Armagnac. The sense of old wood on a hot day. Water gives up warm cinnamon, an un-struck matchstick and a sweet and savoury balance - like a rich cranberry gravy. A green and flora scent lingers in the background, like daffodils in full bloom. In the mouth it arrives cleanly with a syrupy texture and flavours of madeira wine, dunnage and rosewater. A heady, intoxicating and dense dram. A touch of water and it reveals liquorice, burnt orange cake and a drying lychee aspect.

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