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オールド&ディグニファイド / OLD & DIGNIFIED


熟成年数 32 Years
蒸留年 1988
カスク 1st Fill Barrique / Sauternes
地域 Islands
ボトリング本数 124
アルコール度数 43.5%

タイトル: Slippers by the fire / 焚き火のそばのスリッパ


The nose made us smile – marzipan, Medjool dates and Turkish delight sweetness, salted spiced nuts, distant smoke from a croft chimney and an artist’s paint-spattered palette. The taste was incredibly mellow and delicate – ripe mango, sweet smoke, earthy dried apricots and almond flakes, with a leather and grape skin, slightly tannic finish. The reduced nose had one panellist picking strawberries, another entering a deli, while a third was in slippers, enjoying buttered crumpets and dark honey. The reduced palate was amazingly gentle and subtle, with tropical fruit syrupy sweetness. After 27 years in ex-bourbon wood, we transferred this into a first-fill Sauternes barrique.

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