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Age 8 Years
Dist 2012
Cask 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Highland
Out-turn 237
Alc 60.6%

TITLE: Juggling flavour balls / ジャグリングフレーバーボール


The initial nose gave us crème caramel and maple fudge; over time, it turned nutty (almond slice, marzipan, chocolate Brazils) and fruity (toffee apple, bramble and apple crumble, spiced pears). The palate was like juggling three flavour balls – sweetness, fruits and nuts – we found coffee and walnut cake, raspberry and gooseberry jam and sweetie tobacco and desiccated coconut. Fruit dominated the reduced nose; autumn fruits cooked in pies, peach liqueur, lemon puffs and Jammy Dodgers. The palate still had those three balls – maple and pecan cereal bars, nutty flapjacks and apple granny cake. The finish had ginger biscuit heat and espresso depth.

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