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Age 9 Years
Dist 2012
Cask 1st fill barrel / Bourbon
Region Highland
Out-turn 237
Alc 61.5%

TITLE: Supper sipper / 夕食のお供


The panel got the initial impression of sugar in a coal scuttle from this neat nose. We also noted heather sprigs, myrtle, dried white flowers and vase water, plus lots of earth, mulch and fresh air. We also noted some cluttered beach pebbles, canvas and freshly muddled green herbs. Reduction brought notes of peanut brittle, lemon thyme, white stone fruits and crushed grass. In the mouth initially we got drying chalky vibes, then plum eau de vie, light aniseed notes, eucalyptus oils and some fruitier touches of lychee, quince and kumquat. With water it became gentler and more floral – some light green tea with lemon slices, citronella wax, barley water, oatcakes and yellow plums.

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