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オールド&ディグニファイド / OLD & DIGNIFIED


熟成年数 32 Years
蒸留年 1991
カスク 1st fill hogshead / Oloroso
地域 Speyside
ボトリング本数 178
アルコール度数 46.2%

タイトル: Take me to Chantilly / シャンティに連れてって

24年間ex-bourbon hogsheadで熟成した後、first fill oloroso hogsheadへ移し替え。

Warm slices of nougat were served on a cedar slab, dusted with cinnamon and crowned with peanut paste. To the palate, stem ginger had skewered a blowtorched mango as citrus peel landed on vintage tobacco. Water accentuated the sweet characteristics, introducing raspberry jam to fresh laundry while orange oil was drizzled on to shortbread. The palate, now underlined with chantilly cream, delivered notes of pineapple, pain au chocolat, almonds and light oak tannins. After 24 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we transferred this to a first fill oloroso hogshead for the remainder of its maturation.

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