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芳醇、濃厚 & ドライフルーツ / DEEP, RICH & DRIED FRUITS


受付開始 2021/11/22 18:00
受付終了 2021/11/25 0:00
当選発表 2021/11/26 10:00
配送可能エリア 日本国内
熟成年数 12 Years
蒸留年 2008
カスク 1st fill hogshead / Spanish oak Oloroso
地域 Speyside
ボトリング本数 324
アルコール度数 63%

タイトル: An offaly good dram / とても良い一杯


This one was an immediate and full on sherry bomb. Huge notes of roast brisket, burnt ends, cranberry gravy and toasted juniper. This meaty vibe continued with oxtail soup, venison roast drippings and mutton soup. Then notes of resinous fir wood, freeze dried strawberries and blueberry coulis. Water opened up fruity black coffee, roasted almonds, expensive marzipan and golden sultanas. It became hugely complex with many notes of soy sauce, Irish coffee, strong porter beer and rosewater. The palate was sweeter and highly concentrated, full of natural tar, blackcurrant jam, warm horseradish and cured game meats. With water the meaty tones of venison stew were back along with old Cointreau, lime leaf, mustard power, red liquorice and sumptuous dark chocolate sauce. At 10 years of age, we combined selected casks from this distillery. We then returned the single malt into a variety of different casks to develop further. This is one of those casks.

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