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Age 18 Years
Dist 2003
Cask 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Highland
Out-turn 192
Alc 59.3%

TITLE: Walk the talk / ウォーク・ザ・トーク


Joyfully accomplished aromas strolled across lawns of sweet biscuits, fresh straw and dried spices while sticky treacle, almonds and hot apple pie with custard donated their charm. Vanilla cream on sponge cake joined fresh ginger on the palate before we marched towards cinnamon dusted apple strudel and strawberries with prunes and nutmeg. With water came a softer, more floral dimensions of roses, melon and ripe guava on a bed of toasted oak before banana flambeed in calvados were served with juicy orange segments. The palate now had a pleasingly thick texture that shuffled over pineapple skins, chopped nuts and liquorice before we gave a final salute to caramel and woody spices.

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