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熟成年数 11 Years
蒸留年 2009
カスク Recharred Hogshead / Re-charred
地域 Highland
ボトリング本数 264
アルコール度数 62%

タイトル: Ham smoothie / ハムスムージー

[香り]まずピンク胡椒のとてもパンチのある香りを感じ、続いて靴磨き材、すごくシャープなスモーク感、ベーコンの塊とジビエ肉。密集した羊毛の油感、燃えた新聞、焦げた木の残り火。 加水すると、赤く燃えた木炭や燃やした松ぼっくりなど、重厚なウッディさが加わる。その後、ブラックオリーブ、樟脳、天然タール、サイレージ。

The nose was superbly punchy and full of hot pink peppercorns at first. Then shoe polish, pin-sharp smokiness, cured bacon and game meats. Dense sheep wool oils, burning newspaper and charred wood embers. Water brought heavier wood notes such as hot charcoals and burning pine cones. Then black olives, camphor, natural tar and silage. The mouth was initially riddled with anchovy paste and umami broths. Lemon juice on hot kippers, burnt brisket ends, piri piri sauce, pickled ginger and smoked German rauchbier. Water brought the peat front and centre and made the smoke more silky and rich. Also we noted herbal cough medicines, bacon jam, root beer and more smoked dark beers.

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